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Hoover is an anglicized form of the German Huber surname, which originally designated a landowner or a prosperous small farmer.  Huber or Hueber (with the umlaut) began as a Swiss name and is now found in Switzerland, Austria and the south of Germany.

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An early Huber was Bertoldus Hubere, a citizen of Bern, who was born around 1190.  Martin Huber was recorded as a Basel citizen in 1504.  There were Anabaptist Huber martyrs in Switzerland and in southern Germany during the 16th century.  The Huber numbers today are approximately:
  • 15,000 in Switzerland
  • 22,000 in Austria
  • and 70,000 in Germany.
America.  It has been estimated that more than fifty Hubers came to America in the years prior to the Revolutionary War, many of them being Mennonites.  One family tradition has it that the first Hubers in America were three brothers, one who went to Bucks county, Pennsylvania, another to Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and a third to North Carolina.

Most Hubers headed for Pennsylvania.  The first comer was probably Hans Huber from Switzerland who came via the Palatine in 1710 and settled at Mill Creek in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile Jacob Huber from Schleswig-Holstein arrived in Conestoga township, Lancaster county in 1719.  These and other Hubers had generally Americanized themselves to Hoover by the 1760ís. 

The lines of two famous Hoovers came be traced back to these early arrivals:
  • Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States, has been traced back to the immigrant Andreas Huber.  He apparently arrived in Pennsylvania in 1738, moved to Maryland in 1746, and finally settled along the banks of the Uwharrie river in Randolph county, North Carolina in 1762.  The Hoover mill is still to be found there.  It was his fourth son John who started the movement westward, first to Ohio in the early 1800ís and then to a Quaker community in Iowa where Herbert Hoover was born in 1874.
  • J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, has a line going back to Johannes Huber who purchased land in Germany township in York county, Pennsylvania in 1758.  He and his family later lived in Dauphin county where they were part of the Reformed Mennonites there.  Son Michael moved into the Washington DC area in 1803 and this was where his descendant J. Edgar Hoover was born in 1895.  Some irregularities about his family history and birth certificate have resulted in rumors about J. Edgar Hooverís ancestry circulating during his lifetime and afterwards.
Some Hoovers were Loyalists to the English Crown and migrated north to Canada in the 1790ís.  A number of Hoovers later moved west from Pennsylvania as the 19th century proceeded:
  • Bishop Martin Hoover of the Mennonite church settled in Elkhart county, Indiana in 1845.
  • Daniel Hoover had moved to Ohio sometime in the 1840ís.  His son William H. Hoover, the man behind the Hoover Company of vacuum cleaners, was born in Canton, Ohio in 1849.   
  • while Isaac and Anna Hoover moved from Tennessee to Burnet county in Texas in 1853 and an area that came to be known as Hooverís valley.
Dr. Leonce Hoover was a Swiss who came to America with his family and was an early settler in Los Angeles (Hoover Street in Los Angeles was named after him).  His son Vincent was a real estate developer in the area.

.  Jacob Hoover was a Mennonite Loyalist who brought his family from Pennsylvania to Canada at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.  He settled in Haldimand county, Ontario.  Ludwig Hoover and his family, who settled in York county, were among a number of other Hoover families who made the trek north
The DNA's of both Jacob and Ludwig Hoover has been tested.

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William H. Hoover acquired the vacuum cleaner patents in 1908 of what was to become the Hoover Company.
Herbert Hoover
was the 31st President of the United States, in office from 1928 to 1932 and presiding over the start of the Great Depression.
J. Edgar Hoover
was the first Director of the FBI.  Appointed the Director of its predecessor in 1924, he remained in charge of the FBI until his death in 1977

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  • 24,000 in America (most numerous in Pennsylvania) 
  • 2,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Canada)

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